Stuff You Don’t Care About: Issue 1: Mission Statement

So just like the rest of America, I feel the need to force my ill-informed opinions on everybody else. That’s what makes our country so great. We have the right to say whatever we want and the uncanny ability to annoy the shit out of every other country on the planet.

Well readers, I’m not going to bore you with that kind of stuff. I going to bore you with other kind of stuff, superficial stuff, stuff I’m interested in, geeky stuff, STUFF YOU DON’T CARE ABOUT (hence the name).

I’m going to talk about obscure music, old movies, games you probably don’t play, comic books you may not have heard of and more. I’m also going to offer my opinions on things I know absolutely nothing about. I will review movies I haven’t seen, and talk about current events in the news and get my facts completely wrong.

Yes, my mission, true believers, is to spread as much misinformation as possible, coupled with a plethora of typos and spelling mistrakes. Prepare for an overabundance of pop-culture references, as you shake your fist at the sky and scream, “KHAAAAAAN!!!”

Don’t worry, I promise to be gentle with you…


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