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Stuff You Don’t Care About: Issue 5: Worst… Joke… Ever…

Okay, so two guys walk into a bar.

Wait! It wasn’t two guys. It was a construction worker and a Jew.

Uh, never mind, Jew is racist.

It was actually a construction worker and a sailer.

Damn it! Now it sounds like the Village People.

Well, why not?

Okay, the village people walk into a bar.

No it’s not a gay bar. It’s just a bar. Why does it always have to be a bar?

So, it’s not a bar. It’s a bank.

Yeah, the village people walk into a bank. And the bartender says…

Wait, banks don’t have bartenders.

Teller, it’s a teller.

It’s Penn and Teller.

No, that’s not right. I’m getting side tracked…

What was I saying?

Oh, yeah!

Penn and Teller walk into a Bar…


I mean, The Village people walk into a bar… er, the bank,

And the teller says, “What’ll it be?”

Wait! I forgot about the Duck.

One of the village people is carrying a duck.

I think it’s the Janitor Guy.

Did the village people have a janitor guy?

Let me check Wikipedia.

Let’s see Cowboy, Construction Worker, Cop, Indian (Huh? That dude’s black!), Gay Biker, Navy dude.

Nope, no janitor.

So we’ll say the cowboy is carrying the Duck.

Why the hell did he have the duck again?

Oh, yeah, I remember.

He he he he! Snicker…

Sorry, I can’t help it. Just wait for it.

You’re gonna love this one…


Oh man! It’s so funny.

So the bartender, uh, Teller says, “I said Bucks not Ducks!”

Why aren’t you laughing?

Ah fuck! I forgot the middle part!

Let me start over.

Hey! Where ya goin’?